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Mother Almost Loses Legs Due To This Common Hygiene Habit

You probably don’t want to read this – but doing so could save your legs, or even your life.

Dana Sedgewick is like most women…except for the part where she just nearly lost her legs as a result of something most women do nearly every day: Shaving.

In particular, Sedgewick cut herself while shaving with a brand new razor. Nearly instantaneously, she noticed a developing rash that went from red to black quickly, as a result of a flesh-eating bacterial infection, necrotizing fascittis.

At the hospital, doctors began the fight to remove her rotting skin immediately, but she still developed sepsis and slipped into a coma, at which point she was given only a 30% chance of survival by her doctors.

Her kidney failed, and she experienced heart failure several times – but somehow, she pulled through.

As Sedgewick told the Daily Mail, “Like a lot of women, I tried to keep a tidy bikini line. So I had a quick trim with a new razor, but over the weekend, I felt unwell and noticed a little pimple on my groin which kept bleeding. I didn’t think anything of it as I often got a rash from shaving. Little did I know that this tiny pimple would almost cost me my life.”

Sedgewick spent six weeks recovering in the hospital before her discharge – and in the years that followed, she still required twenty-one different surgeries to regain her legs.

As you can see, narcotizing fasciitis is a nasty problem. Learn more in the video below.

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