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“Miracle” Cannabis Saved Woman From Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer


Even with a healthy lifestyle, cancer can sometimes sneaks up on us.

For one woman in Australia, the surprise diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer was more of a shock than for many. She’d never smoked a cigarette a day in her life and was given only six months to live.  She asked for a miracle and she got one…in the form of cannabis.

54-year-old Sharon Kelly was living her life, happy and healthy, or so she thought. She enjoyed a body massage one Friday in December of 2013, and just a few days later felt a small pain in her chest. She put it down to the massage, but after several days, she grew concerned and went to the ED at the hospital. Ater an x-ray, the doctor came in and asked if Sharon ever smoked

“What? No. Never!” she gasped

It was a week before Christmas. Lung cancer was the grim diagnosis

Following scans confirmed that there was indeed a mass in her chest. Attempts to biopsy the tumor through her back made the situation worse, leaving her with a partially collapsed lung.

A PET scan revealed the full extent of the tragedy. Sharon had a 5cm tumor in her lung, as well as three cancer-infected lymph nodes and a small tumor on her collarbone. The cancer had spread to the lining of the lungs, and she had fluid buildup around her heart.

She was finally diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer on January 17, 2014.

Doctors told her that she between 6-9 months to live and that radiation was out of the question. They could give her chemo, but it would only extend her life by months at the most, and leave her in the grips of chemo-induced sickness for her last days.

The #1 killer

Lung cancer is the number one form of fatal cancer in the US. The only treatment that doctors could prescribe was Tarceva. Sharon’s cancer showed an EGFR mutation, meaning that it could be slowed in its progress a bit by the particular drug, but remission, let alone a cure, was out of the question.


Sharon and her husband we’re about to give up. They knew that when doctors give up, there is nothing left, but their daughter wasn’t so sure. She looked up information about treating cancer with cannabis online. At the time, medical cannabis was still illegal in Australia.

The stories and studies literally blew their minds, and in February, just five days after starting the Tarceva to try and buy more time, Sharon started juicing fresh leaves. The next day her husband made the first batch of homemade cannabis oil, and they began to fight back.

An Alternative Treatment

A single dose of cannabis oil was all Sharon needed to question her decision. The psychoactive effects of the THC, even in a small dose, were more than she was prepared for.

She kept going, striving to get her dosage up while keeping the mental effects from bogging her down.

In April of 2014, after her husband had made the second batch of oil, they found help from an experienced activist, who suggested, “An alternate route” to oral ingestion that would help. They put the oil into capsules and used them assuppositoriess. The suppository method worked! She was at a full strength dose, with no overwhelming high.

Sharon used cannabis oil suppositories regimentally, and the effects were increasingly noticeable. It wasn’t until Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014, that a PET scan revealed just how much the cannabis had done.

Her Results Are Amazing!

Complete metabolic response. Residual non-FDG avid scar tissue in the left uppper lobe corresponding to the side of the previously intense FDG avid primary malignancy. (Translation) NO CANCER!

She continues to take the oil to maintain her health, and hopes that her message of hope will reach others.

Below is a video, uploaded by Sharon 2 months after her miracle cure. She will explain with passionately with tears in her eyes how cannabis saved her life and what the plant means to her:

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