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Meet The First Baby Ever Treated With Cannabis CBD Oil At The Hospital

When Amylea Nunez was born in December, her parents had such high hopes for her…and then, a day after going home, she had her first seizure.

As doctors in Albuquerque, New Mexico struggled to care for her, the young family fled to better care in Colorado where, after everything else wasn’t working, they decided to use cannabis oil.

In particular, the Nunezes looked at a strain called Charlotte’s Web, so named after the relief it brought another infant – Charlotte Figi.

After months of fighting to get the treatment approved, Amylea is finally now receiving cannabis oil treatments – which her parents must administer to protect the hospital from liability.

Her parents say they can already see improvement, and note that Amylea is the first and youngest patient to ever receive cannabis oil as a treatment in a hospital.

A GoFundMe account has been set up in Amylea’s name. 

Learn more courtesy the video below:

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