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Media Silent: Obama Approves Two New Pipelines, Uses Dakota as Distraction

Two new pipelines have been approved by the White House as the world’s attention is on the current trouble in Dakota.

In May, the Obama gave permission for Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail pipelines to commence work. They haven’t physically started working on these pipelines yet, but implementation is well under way.

DeSmogBlog reporter Steve Horn published an article last week looking at the possible consequences of these new gas lines. He reported that the Trans-Pecos pipeline will carry natural gas extracted from the Permian Basin in West Texas, and it will transported into Mexico across the border.

The Texas Tribune reported that the 42-inch-wide Trans-Pecos Pipeline will carry 1.6 billion cubic feet of gas every day under the Rio Grande River, creating concerns that if there was a problem with this pipeline, it would be felt in both Mexico and Texas. 

The Comanche Trail pipeline, which is also 42-inches, is set to trasport gas from the Waha Hub in the Northern part of Pecos County, Texas, to San Elizario, Texas, where it will then be carried across the United States/Mexico border

Horn was quoted:

The Trans-Pecos and Comanche go through the Big Bend area, a rural area containing mountains, desert, and ranch land. Most importantly, they link to a massive set of pipelines in Mexico that are in the process of being built and it’s a bit difficult to say what the impacts of land/spills would be there,” he went on “What sorts of environmental/ecological reviews are being done in Mexico? What are the potential risks of spills there and would we even hear about them if they took place?

Horn says that the real problem that is being overlooked is the fracking that is being done in the Texas Permain basin, he says:

With temperature records being broken left and right, that’s what the conversation should really center around

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners (the company also building the Dakota Access Pipeline), released a report earlier in the month which said that construction has not started yet, but as they have both been approved, the worry is that protests like the ones we are seeing in Dakota will be the only way the opposers have to try and stop it.

“Dakota Access, and everything that preceded the now-ongoing civil disobedience and largest convening of Native American tribes in modern history, shows the regulatory system is designed as a corporate rubber-stamp process,” Horn says, “The courts are happy to ratify rulings based on laws written by and for Corporate America.”

Horn praised the Native Americans in their staunch protests against the current pipeline works.

“[Civil disobedience] might be the only option left given how much the deck is stacked in favor powerful big business interests in the US regulatory and legislative system.”

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