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Mainstream Media in Trouble as Independent Media Comes Together

According to Fifth Column News, mainstream media is dying, and independent media, led by Anti-Media, is here to replace them. But is that true?

Subscriptions to major publications such as the Washington Post (who just added SIXTY new journalists as a result), New York Times, Atlantic, New Yorker and more are higher than they’ve been in years, as a result of a population that’s sick of fake news, alternate facts, and outright lies from politicians and more, particularly in our current administration. 

Across the sea, the Guardian’s readership numbers are higher than they’ve ever been, as similar problems plague European politics. Go ahead, click the links – they’ve all been fact-checked. There’s still plenty of great journalists out there.

Yet Fifth Column claims that mainstream media is dying.

Instead, they say, we should check out Anti-Media’s new project: “The Homepage of Independent Media.

They go on to say that Anti-Media’s platform will use a “Reddit-style algorithmic upvote/downvote system, [where] you tell the site which stories should be on the front page using their social content curation system.”

Of course, that worked out so well for Reddit – which has major problems with harassment, doxing (also here), and the rise of the alt-right and alternate facts, which is really just a pair of politically correct names for neonazis and lies, respectively.

You can read more about it in Fifth Column’s article here.

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