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Mad Scientist Injects Himself A 3.5 Million-Year-Old Permafrost Bacteria. The Results Are Shocking!

This is quite a shocking development. A mad Russian scientist injected himself with 3.5 million year old bacteria, and what is so impressive, is that it is the key to “eternal life” says Anatoli Brouchkov. 

These cells were discovered in the permafrost in Siberia. Prof. Anatoli felt stronger and much healthier than he ever was. He further claims that he has a high tolerance to environmental factors with adequate levels of vitality. 

In tests done with animals, the cells displayed increases in physical activity and a rejuvenated immune system. 


Professor Anatoli Broushkov, head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, hasn’t fallen ill in 2 years since he did the experiments on his own self, says the Russian media. Known as “Bacillus F”, the ancient bacteria is found to be a helping agent in securing improved wellbeing in humans.

When researchers from Russia tested both mice and human cells, Broushkov made the decision to become a lab rat and experiment on his own self. He claims for a result: that a strong and capable body is stopping time better than ever.

You might say what is the secret behind this unique bacteria? Bacillus F endured millions of years in frozen tundra, so it makes it seem tough. As climate change is ravaging Siberia, the permafrost is melting which makes Broushkov believe that this has led to the bacteria leaking into the local water supplies.

He nows there’s no threat to his health when undergoing the experiment as the Yakut people have utilized it fro quite some time. They have longer life expectancy even in their living conditions that are very challenging. ‘I started to work longer, I’ve never had the flu for the last two years, ’ he said to The Siberian Times.

Broushkov claims that Bacillus F is hard to determine its capacity like any other scientific discoveries. He does want to keep studying the bacteria strain in a lab to examine is its impact and to find any potential side-effects.

‘If we can find how the bacteria stays alive we probably would be able to find a tool to extend our lives, ’ he explained in an interview.

This Jurassic bacterium could be an integral factor in fertility as well as longevity in humans, say scientists. Older female mice that were injected with Bacillus F were reproducing after they had ceased being able to. Also, Bacillus F also can heal plants.

Claimed to be discovering the Holy Grail, Dr. Viktor Chernyavsky, an epidemiologist from Yakutsk said ‘The bacteria gives out biologically active substances throughout its natural life, which activates the immune status of all experimental animals.’

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Mad Scientist Injects Himself A 3.5 Million-Year-Old Permafrost Bacteria. The Results Are Shocking!  Mad Scientist Injects Himself A 3.5 Million-Year-Old Permafrost Bacteria. The Results Are Shocking! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 22:28:00 Rating: 5