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Justice? Child Rapist Cop Gets 3 Years, Cannabis Activist Gets 18 Years

Earlier this month, two cases covered the headlines of newspapers. 

In one of the cases, a NYPD police officer committed guilty of raping a young girl. He was given three years in jail. In the other case, an advocate for cannabis, a doctor, and medicinal dealer, had been served a twenty-year prison sentence. 

We are going to look at the comparison between these two cases, in an effort to prove, that America’s justice system is in need of drastic reform. 

This doctor was given 18 years in prison:

Free Thought Project reports, Dr. Monroe Gordon Piland III, a resident of North Carolina, is looking at 18 years in prison after being caught giving patients medical marijuana. Dr. Piland attended both Wake Forest University and University of California, Berkeley, which are part of the highly prestigious group of educational institutions within the United States.

He studied Medicine in 1979, and was interested in natural remedies. The doctor had gotten into legal trouble when a social worker notified the police about cannabis plants on the doctors property. 

When law enforcement responded, they found many illegal drugs and products within his home, such as 58 grams of poppies, mushrooms, morphine sulfate, 7.4 grams of cannabis, cannabis oils, and cannabis candles. Dr. Piland was convicted of distributing and selling of the illegal substances.

His growing facility was located right across from a daycare, which alarmed law enforcement. Piland wasn’t new to these charges, as he was convicted in 1981, after his growing facility (filled with 111 cannabis plants) was found and raided. Then things got worse, his medical license was revoked and he had to pay expensive fines. 

Even though his charges are serious, he certainly had no intention to harm or murder any of his patients. However, there were allegations that he had given his son cannabis-infused goat milk for medicinal purposes. There is enough evidence out there to prove that medical cannabis has medicinal value and many of the substances found within his home. Unfortunately, these products are deemed illegal and are kept from doctors and the public. 

One study proved that psilocybin, a psychoactive ingredient in mushrooms, has potential long-lasting positive effects on patients who suffer from anxiety and depression. Poppies are a whole different story. It can be made into heroin, and its history goes back to ancient times when it was used in tea as a pain reliever. Poppy tea is found to have a small dose of opiates, and doses per plant tend to vary. It is considered to be highly addictive. 

Piland was merely a peaceful doctor and cannabis advocate who, early in his medical career, was providing his patients access to alternative medicines that haven’t been thoroughly studied and used commonly.

This cop faces only 3 years for the rape of a minor:

Vladimir Krull, 39, a police officer for the New York Police Department, was convicted of raping his girlfriends 13-year old daughter repeatedly and was only handed a 3 year sentence to jail. During the trial, the girl had to explain the horrors. It all began a few weeks before her 13th birthday, right after her father had died. He took advantage of her twice and forced her to perform oral sex with him. He was using sexual language with the daughter until the start of the trial. 

He faces 3 years in prison for each assault, plus 4 one-year sentences of child endangerment amongst other crimes. Krull will face 17 years in prison with those charges alone.

Where is justice?

Krull’s sentencing delivers a very clear message: rape of a minor, especially by a law enforcement official, is worthy of 3 years in prison. Yet, it’s illegal to openly sell mushrooms, medical cannabis and opioids to patients with chronic illnesses will put you in a longer prison sentence than violent crimes.

Dr. Piland’s actions may be viewed as unsafe and taboo, his crimes were not harmful and his patients received the treatment they needed for the sake of their lives, but were denied that due to the state law of North Carolina.

Piland is serving a tough punishment for crimes that barely harmed his patients and kept them alive. His sentence truly is unjust and sadly, if he is alive, he’ll be out at the age of 87. Is that even justice? Doesn’t sound so. 

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