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Is Butter Secretly Ruining Your Health?

If you’re like most of us, you likely grew up in a butter-loving household. Science has since taught us that certain butters can have a lot to offer our health…but choosing the wrong butter can have terrible consequences.

Are you choosing the right butter?

First, be careful you aren’t eating Monsanto butter – butter that’s coming from cows raised on a GMO-heavy diet. All of the brands above are trouble.

Second, is your butter nutritious?

Check the chart below – grass-fed is good, as is local. 

A good alternative when great butters aren’t available is ghee.

Lastly, beware of fake butters, butter mixes, and butter replacements.

Sharing the truth is the first step in changing the food system. If you know someone who is buying Monsanto butter, please share this information with them. Our choices can really change the marketplace, make us healthier  and change companies decisions to use these unhealthy ingredients. 

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