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If You Are Using This Type of Cookware, You Are Lacing Your Food With Toxins and Carcinogens!

A Vast Majority of Non-stick Cookware is Slowly Poisoning Our Populace

So you eat a healthy, organic diet, exercise regularly and keep your consumption of drugs and alcohol to a minimum; you have nothing to worry about right?  Well that depends. 

I’m sure, if you do any sort of cooking at home, you likely have a set of pots and pans.  Have you ever considered what this cookware could be doing to your food and, in turn, you?  The answer is pretty shocking: if your pans contain polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or perfluorinated compounds, you are slowly giving yourself cancer. 

Chemical Compounds: PFOS, PFOA, and PTFE

Most notable of the non-stick cookware dangers, chemical compounds known as perfluorinated compounds are emitted from using this cookware. Once the compounds become heated, they are considered to be a potentially deadly vapor gas if taken in too quickly. Perfluorinated compounds can also leech into your food when cooking.  They are amongst many non stick surfaces, as well as in popcorn packaging, French fry boxing, candy bar wrappers as well as other various food items.

Along with PFOAs, another toxic chemical known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is most often present in non-stick pans.  PTFE has actually shown to be extremely lethal to birds, even in normal cooking conditions.  

In various studies, researchers have found that if a bird is even in the vicinity of a nonstick pan which incorporates PTFE, the fumes can kill the bird in a matter of seconds.   

Bird deaths have been documented during or immediately after the following normal cooking scenarios:

  • New Teflon-lined Amana oven was used to bake biscuits at 325°F; all the owner’s baby parrots died.
  • Four stovetop burners, underlined with Teflon-coated drip pans, were preheated in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner; 14 birds died within 15 minutes.
  • Nonstick cookie sheet was placed under oven broiler to catch the drippings; 107 chicks died.
  • Self-cleaning feature on the oven was used; a $2,000 bird died.
  • Set of Teflon pans, including egg poaching pan, were attributed to seven bird deaths over seven years.
  • Water burned off a hot pan; more than 55 birds died.
  • Electric skillet at 300°F and space heater were used simultaneously; pet bird died.
  • Toaster oven with a non-stick coating was used to prepare food at a normal temperature; bird survived but suffered respiratory distress.
  • Water being heated for hot cocoa boiled off completely; pet bird died.
  • Grill plate on gas stove used to prepare food at normal temperatures; two birds died on two separate occasions.

Low Birth Weight in Infants

To add to the non-stick cookware dangers, a direct correlation between PFOA and low birth-weight has been found, affecting newborns around the globe. The full effects of C8 (further abbreviated name of PFOA) exposure went under study, under the lead of a Dr. Goldman of John Hopkins University. 

Though the results came to be conclusive about the low birth weight and other deformations found in infant children, the Teflon chemical still persists as the prime ingredient in non-stick surfaces.

Thyroid Disease, Oxidization of DNA in Organs

The teflon compound, when released into the air around you and integrated into the bloodstream through ingestion, can pose a serious risk for thyroid damage while also negatively impacting DNA. The results from a study taken in Tokyo have found that these chemicals are at the very least carcinogenic, if not potentially more deadly on a larger timescale.

So while non-stick cookware is convenient, is it really worth exposing yourself to the many non-stick cookware dangers? As a precaution, you may want to put aside the non-stick cooking ‘essentials’ and use something which has been verified to be safe.  Options include: stainless steel cookware, ceramic coated cookware, glass cookware and cast iron cookware.  Just make sure that it is labeled as PFOS, PFOA and PTFE free.

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If You Are Using This Type of Cookware, You Are Lacing Your Food With Toxins and Carcinogens! If You Are Using This Type of Cookware, You Are Lacing Your Food With Toxins and Carcinogens! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 14:30:00 Rating: 5