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“I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal” – Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth About Ensure Nutrition Drinks

A former Herald-Times reporter, Carrol Krause highlighted the awful standards of hospice food before she sadly passed away this year.

‘Stories by Carrol’ was the name of the blog she used to document her ovarian cancer story, and in it she brought to light the problems with meal replacements given to terminally ill patients.

Krause writes: “Hospice had the very best of intentions, [but] the stuff they sent over was not real FOOD. In fact, I’m outraged at the idea that they feed this stuff to dying people.”

The hospice was providing Carrol with ‘Ensure’ meal replacements after digestive problems related to her cancer caused her to be unable to eat solid food. It is essentially a pudding like milkshake which is passed off as ‘healthy’.

Ensure is full of chemicals and has about as much nutritional value as fast food. The product is produced by the Abbott Nutrition company, one of the Big Food corps that masquerade as a health food brand. The company has strong ties with the medical community and you will find their products in hospitals and heath care centers all over the US.

These products are given to some of the most vulnerable people in society, those suffering for long-term illnesses, and the very sock who are trying to recover. The products are full of chemicals, preservatives, fillers and non-nutritional ingredients.

Unsuspectingly, Abbott Nutrition is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, a pro-GMO organisation who have donated a million dollars in the fight against transparent GMO labeling in the US.

Just take a look, for example at one of Ensure’s ‘Health’ drinks. On the front of the box there is a fairly large picture of an apple. Turn the box over and you find the words ‘contains no apple juice’ but what we do have instead is a long list of chemicals, additives and preservatives. These is no way are a sufficient substitute for real fruit juice, and this drink will have been given to thousands of sick people in the quest to help them get better.

Some of the other ingredients found in these drinks include:

Corn syrup solids – which are made from 100% glucose, one of the worst forms of sugar you can ingest.

Cupric sulfate – a pesticide linked to gastrointestinal problems.

Chromium chloride – a known toxin

Sodium selenite – a toxic byproduct of copper metal refining

Niacinamide – which has been linked to liver failure

And synthetics, which according to Organic Consumers:

“This process results in an overall negative health effect while minimizing any gains that could have been achieved by the supplement,” according to “Nutri-Con: The Truth about Vitamins & Supplements” report by The Hippocrates Health Institute”

Carrol made her feelings clear about this situation, but sadly she passed away before she saw any changes in the industry. In Sept 2015 she wrote

“Soup is good food. Pudding can be good food too, if it has real milk and egg in it… But this swill (I don’t know what other word to call it) from Hospice is completely vile,” “It’s not real food, only a collection of starches, sugars, artificial flavors and nutritional powders all mixed into water.”

She continued:

“Maybe someone who spends their life eating at fast-food joints wouldn’t object to eating Ensure products, but I do, because I know the difference between real food and fake food…

“I wouldn’t feed this stuff to a dying animal, let alone a dying human being. If you agree, let the hospital management know. Or snipe at them via social media until they begin to pay attention. I think it’s time for a food fight!”

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