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How To Grow Unlimited Amounts Of Blueberries THE RIGHT WAY In Your Backyard

The darker the fruit the better is for you, is what I was told growing up. 

Blueberries are filled with antioxidants and can be consumed raw and put into smoothies, pies, or squeezed into your juice.

They offer numerous health benefits, including:

• They prevent blood cholesterol damage.

• They protect the function of the brain and prevent memory loss due to the high antioxidant content.

• They are rich in nutrients but low in calories, as a cup provides 3.6 grams of dietary fiber, 24% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and 36% of Vitamin K.

• They have been found to reduce blood pressure and lower cardiovascular risk factors. One study has shown that the daily intake of 50 grams of these fruits for 8 weeks led to a 4-6% drop in blood pressure.

• They are rich in antioxidants which prevent the signs of aging, damage to the DNA, and cancer. A study has shown that the daily consumption of blueberry juice lowered the effect of DNA damage by 20%.

You can now grow unlimited amounts of these tasty fruits at home, and this is how:

Find the proper place

Make sure you find a good spot where there is plenty of sunlight and good, high-quality soil. It is the sunlight that will mostly promote photosynthesis, that helps in plant growth, and the soil will benefit the process.

If you do have a large garden, raised garden bedding is great, as the water will travel through the soil, giving it moisture. If you live in an apartment, purchase a patio container to grow fruit. 

Enough Space

Blueberry plants require 6 feet of space to expand their roots. If you grow more bushes, they should be at 2.5 to 3 feet distance from each other.

The Planting Process

In some countries around the world, it is best to plant the blueberry bush in fall or spring. Put it in the soil, add more soil around them, and pat down the top soil layer.

Then, water it well as it is deeply rooted, and needs to be constantly hydrated. The soil has to be well drained.

The best soil for growing blueberries has to be acidic, with a 5.0 pH value.


For best effects, use sawdust, but you can also use pine bark, rind mulch, acid trip or grass clipping.

Apply 2-4 wreaths to preserve the moisture of the soil and prevent the growth of weeds.

Repeat this once a year, and remember not to use rinds or sawdust from cedar or redwood tree.


When the bush is ready, start pruning regularly and it will support the healthy growth of the plant. Especially the strong branches of the bush.

This will support the optimal growth of the blueberry bush and avoid over-fruiting, so the fruits will remain large in size.

The dead branches have to be removed using scissors or small clippers. When it comes to pruning a blueberry bush, remember to:

Get rid of the low growths at the bottom of the bush, clean dead wood, cut off short or discolored branches, and clear a half to a third of the wood.

Soil Fertilization

Always utilize organic fertilizers to prevent damage of the blueberry bushes. They also fertilize the plant for a longer period of time and are environment- friendly and aren’t toxic.

Early spring is the right time for fertilization, when the leaves are growing and once more after the process of pruning. If grown this way, bushes will live and produce for at least 4-5 decades.

These tips will help you grow your own blueberry bushes at home and reap the best rewards. 

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