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How to Grow and Use Mint the CORRECT Way!

While mint is a herb we’re all quite familiar with, you may not know how to grow it, or just how easy it is to use.

Mint plants are incredibly hardy, and will grow nearly anywhere – and, given how quickly they spread, will take over wherever you plant them, so be sure you have space you’re willing to give them when planting.

If you’d rather them not spread so wildly, however, mint plants can be contained in container gardening.

Among the most popular mints are peppermint, spearmint, and bergamot, though many other varieties also exist. Mint stems are square, which makes them easy to identify, and the plants generally grow from 1-3′ in height.

Mint plants prefer loose, fertile soil in which they can easily spread, but will grow nearly anywhere. Because they grow runners (or stolons), they spread easily. They can be planted nearly anytime in the growing season.

Both plants and seeds are easily purchased, and plants can also be grown from cuttings. If growing from a cutting, take a three to four inch cutting from a mature plant, strip it of the bottom leaves, then place the stem in water on a windowsill. Within a week or just longer you should see the new plant establishing roots, at which point you can replant it.

If planting from seed or plant, plant directly in soil as soon as the frost danger has passed, keeping soil moist until seeds germinate.

Mint doesn’t take much work once started – if anything, be sure to keep up on cutting to keep it from taking over. Harvesting periodically in this way keeps your mint plants in check – and gives you plenty of mint to use in all your favorite recipes.

Mint is used in a wide range of recipes – including drinks, garnishes, and jellies – and has medicinal qualities as well, as it can help aid in relaxation, digestion, and a wide range of ailments.

Enjoy your mint!

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