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How To Grow 25 Pounds of Sweet Potatoes in a Bucket The RIGHT WAY…

Sweet potatoes are fast overtaking it’s counterpart, the regular potato as a new super-food. Here you will see how you can harvest your own crop of sweet potatoes-up to 25lbs- from a single 20 gallon bucket available from most hardware stores.

The argument for sweet potatoes being better than normal potatoes has taken off in the past few years, the sweet potato know for it’s better health benefits. Here are 5 reasons as to why the sweet variety is seen as the healthier choice-

-sweet potatoes have a much high fiber content than regular potatoes, despite having similar carbohydrate values

-sweet potatoes have fewer calories

-they have more nutrients than regular potatoes, specifically vitamin A and C

-sweet potatoes do not contain saponins. Saponins are described as ‘anti-nutrients’ and can be bad for your health if too many are ingested

-sweet potatoes taste great on their own, whilst regular potatoes often have to have ingredients added, such as cheese or butter to achieve a palatable dish

-sweets are also much bigger, and so it’s easier to get a bigger harvest with minimal effort

Choosing your Sweet Potato

Most potatoes that are grown for eating are treated with chemicals to stop them from growing sprouts which may prevent them from being chosen for eating. Regular potatoes are often treated with a chemical called ‘BudNip’ to stop it’s shoots from growing. The shoots don’t make the potatoes inedible it just makes them less likely to be bought, and makes it slightly harder to prepare than a potato which has no shoots growing from it.

To ensure your potato has come into contact with no anti-sprouting chemicals, and indeed no other chemicals or pesticides, it is best to choose an organic sweet potato to start your crop.

Other vegetables can often prefer colder temperatures to grow in, however sweet potatoes thrive in the heat.

To ensure your sweet potato lasts long enough to sprout, never store them at a temperature of under 50°F (10°C) or they will likely rot. Potatoes kept in plastic bags are know to rot quicker, so for healthy potatoes, keep them warm but let them breathe.

Step 1

Place your single seed potato into your 5 gallon bucket filled with moist soil, with the top exposed. This will act as your slip nursery, slips are the sprouts from which other potatoes will grow.

Make sure you have drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket to allow for water to drain out.

Left to it’s own devices and in the right heat, it wont be long before your potato is growing many slips out of the top of the soil, it is from these slips your harvest will grow.

Pull out these shoots out and transplant them in larger 20 gallon containers, for each 20 gallon bucket, plant 6 sweet potato slips.

Planting and Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

For outdoor growth, you will need at least 100 days for your sweet potatoes to grow. If you’re growing in buckets, of course, you can increase the growing season by starting them inside.

The soil for your sweet potatoes should never dip below 50 degrees, as this will cause them to decay and rot, you should plant them after last frost, once the soil has warmed up.

Sweet potatoes start off growing slowly, but speed up incredibly once the heat of summer kicks in. 

Remember to keep them well watered, and once your sweet potatoes have been growing for 4 months they should be ready to harvest.

If you keep your sweet potatoes in a warm humid environment for 2 weeks after they are harvested, this will cure them, and encourages them to form a protective layer of a substance called suberin which will protect them so they can be stored at room temperate for up to a year after harvest.

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