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How To Eat This Seed Paste To Kill Intestinal Parasites, Tapeworms And Other Worms In 3 Days

Parasites such as human intestinal worms, are a common problem than most people realize. 

But what are some of the symptoms of tapeworm and other worms and how can we use pumpkin seeds for parasites as an intestinal worm treatment? Down below, you will find an all-natural remedy that wards off tapeworms and other worms, based on a parasite treatment derived from Germany, using raw pumpkin seeds. We should look into the problem of the common symptoms of parasitic intestinal worms and parasites. 


Parasites enter our body through contaminated food or water (mostly from non-fully cooked meats or raw sashimi fish); through the mouth or nose after coming into contact with a contaminated surface or infected animal. Mostly, a healthy immune system would efficiently handle parasites and keep them from having a stronghold.

When your immunity is compromised or your digestive system isn’t at its best, intestinal worms and other parasites will have a field day, making you end up manifesting horrible symptoms. The symptoms of a parasitic infection often copy that of other health problems. Those who have expertise on parasites have relayed that parasitic infections often will go undiagnosed.

You may have one of the symptoms below, but it won’t necessarily mean you have a parasitic infection. If you believe you are exhibiting any of these symptoms, then contact a medical professional who is educated about parasites, and knows how to treat them the right way. 


Bloating and Gas

Parasites in the Gastrointestinal tract are mainly the cause to excessive gas and bloating. It is mostly due to the blockages other parasites and tapeworms cause in the environment of your digestive tract and intestines.

Frequent Diarrhea

With parasitic infections, they produce a substance that bleeds you dry of chloride and sodium from your body leading to frequent diarrhea. 


Parasites will literally block the way for food digestion and elimination of waste, leading up to constipation. When untreated, chronic constipation can lead to a multitude of health issues. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Intestinal worms will attach themselves to the walls of your intestines, leading to inflammation and irritation leading to gastrointestinal spasms, poor nutrient intake and contractions. These are the main symptoms of IBS. 


When you aren’t effectively digesting nutrients from the food you consume, it puts so much stress on your body from the parasitic infection that you will be constantly tired, fatigued and filled with little to no energy. It’s hard for a doctor to diagnose, and if there isn’t any other present symptoms, low-level parasitic infections can be undiagnosed for a long period of time, it it even is at all. 


Parasites cause irritation and inflammation in a gastrointestinal tract, making proper digestion very difficult, leading to allergic reactions to certain foods. Leaky gut syndrome is commonly correlated to a sudden increase in allergies. Improving your intestinal environment is the key to healing it, not taking drugs that hide the symptoms from view.

Poor Immunity

Parasites will steal your energy sources, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract while in the process of digestion. Poor immunity can result from this lack of nutrition, even if you are eating relatively well. Parasites are always stimulating an immune response, that leads to an exhausted and deprived immune system. This makes you susceptible to other viruses and candida fungus.


Parasites are a serious issue; More of us could possibly be infected with them than we realize. This is due to the symptoms (and there are many more than those listed above) often been explained away as something much easier to diagnose. If you’re having any health problems like digestive issues, allergies and poor immunity, low-energy and constant-tiredness and fatigue, it is worth your time to visit a professional who is educated about parasites and parasitic infections, and what treatments are best for you. Papaya and pumpkin seeds are old remedies that were used for parasites, and we will go over the uses of pumpkin seeds as a form of treatment against intestinal worms. 


Pumpkin seeds were utilized as an anthelmintic (a substance that helps expel intestinal parasites). Here’s a recipe for how to make them up for this purpose and use them yourself. This pumpkin seed remedy for intestinal worms may not actually kill the parasites fully. It is believed the high levels of compounds known as cucurbitins will paralyze the worms.

This will prevent them from being attached to your intestinal walls, as they would during a bowel movement. It’s highly suggested that you follow the pumpkin seed treatment with bentonite clay or diatomaceous earth, to ensure that many worms are eliminated as possible during deworming.


Blend 1 cup (around 130 grams) of high quality raw pumpkin seeds in a blender with half a cup of fresh coconut milk and half a cup of water. Coconut milk is very good for intestinal health and recommended but an undiluted cup of a good unsweetened almond milk or hemp milk could also be used.

Dairy or sweetened liquids aren’t recommended as both feed parasites.

You want the consistency to be like a smooth paste so start by blending in the coconut milk and then add the water in small amounts until it’s smooth and creamy. A quality blender is great for making healthy recipes like this.

Getting the mixture out of the blender and into a bowl can be tricky. I find a silicon spatula does the job.

Eat this, just like you would a porridge breakfast, on an empty stomach in the morning. It actually tastes quite good but is very filling and you may struggle to finish it. You can also add a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt for taste, if you like. Store-bought honey and especially sugar is not recommended, as these work against the purpose of the treatment and feed parasites. 

Within the hour make sure you drink a large glass of water with a teaspoon of diatomaceous earth or bentonite clay. And drink several glasses of water over the next few hours. This is important to keep the pumpkin seed parasite treatment moving along and doing its work.

When doing the cleanse, eat up to 1 tablespoon (start with 1 teaspoon) of castor oil as a laxative. Take the castor oil at least two hours after eating the pumpkin seeds smoothie. 

Before too long, the paralyzed worms will be eliminated. Be sure that you have easy access to the washroom. Choose to do this parasite cleanse on weekends or on your days off.

Take a course of high quality probiotics whether by food or supplement. It is important to keep a healthy gut flora to prevent parasites from dominating in the digestive tract.


Some people will get results in just one treatment, and making up a few batches will be effective. To get the best results, consume this pumpkin seed parasite treatment in the morning for two to three days (no longer than a week, as laxatives are best to be used no more than 7 days).

Try cutting it out for a week and then follow the procedure again the following week. Keep going through this pattern for up to a month to help with the breeding cycles of the parasites. 

There are many various types of parasites that can spur a ton of health issues. This homemade pumpkin seed remedy will work on tapeworms, as people have reported it to be highly effective. It can be a good choice as a treatment plan for parasitic infections. There is so much information leading to the treatment of parasites; This is a start.

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