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How To Detect Fake Honey (It Is Everywhere), Use THIS Simple Trick!

Honey is delicious and nutritious, but to reap the benefits, you must know the tests. 

Some tests won’t require much effort from you. However, one thing you should first do—and is really easy to do—is to examine the label on the jar of honey before purchasing it. Check to see if it includes any additives and substances that manufacturers add into the honey to know it is artificially flavored, sweet, or organic. 

If you aren’t so convinced and want just raw, organic honey, the way to go is to buy it from a beekeeper. I’m positive that the honey he/she provides you with is not unprocessed because it came directly from a pure source. The biggest issue relies on whether the honey is real or fake. It’s imperative that you are aware to check the difference between the two, so that you get your best bang for your buck. You will also want the nutrients real honey provides!

The Thumb Test

Here’s one way to check the purity of honey:

1 Take some honey and put it on your thumb.
2 Check if the small amount of honey starts to spread around or if it spills from your thumb.
3 If it does, you don’t have pure honey.

Pure honey doesn’t move or remain intact.

The Water Test

Another way to test for pure honey is through the water test. Here are the steps:

1 Fill a glass with water.
2 Take a tablespoon of honey and add it into the glass of water.
3 If it dissolves, you don’t have pure honey.

Artificial honey will easily dissolve in water and spreads around the container. Pure honey stays at the bottom of the glass. You’re probably wondering why it is important to purchase organic honey. Honey should come from bees, not any factory.

Pure, organic honey is sweet and natural, but fake honey has other substances in it, such as:

• Dextrose
• Glucose
• Molasses
• Invert sugar
• Sugar syrup
• Corn syrup
• Flour
• Starch

Some honey products have additives that aren’t mentioned in the list above. If it’s not from a floral nectar, it isn’t pure honey. Natural honey has 16 minerals, 21 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and phytonutrients, antioxidants and healing properties in just one ounce. You don’t want to miss out on those nutrients, and many various health benefits, for an artificially flavored alternative.


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