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How Drinking Coffee Helps You Live Longer and Other Amazing Benefits!

Wake up and smell the …. coffee!  It smells good, tastes good and it’s good for you!!



There’s nothing like a good cuppa coffee, the great brew from the roasted coffee bean – there’s the sophisticated arabica and the stronger robusta and both have wonderful health benefits !

From its African origins coffee is now devoured internationally and quite simply has become a life essential ! What would life be without that early morning brew to perk up the day ?
There is a lot of good news about the health benefits of coffee but be warned – you should have it black and don’t lace it with sugar and limit your quantity per day. 4 cups is more than enough !

So , let’s explore the good things about coffee other than the taste and smell.

1.    Coffee is packed with anti-oxidants. These are nutrients that can prevent and delay cell damage. The less cells that are damaged the longer you live. It’s as simple as that.

2.    The risk of some cancers seems to be reduced through coffee intake. Some studies show that prostate, colon, colorectal and skin cancer risks are reduced. 

3.    Coffee can help the liver. Research is suggesting that the cafestol and kahweol found in and coffee can perk up the functioning of the liver.

4.    It’s believed that your regular cuppa coffee can help prevent agonising gall stones

5.    The caffeine in coffee helps heart health , the phytochemicals are believed to reduce inflammation and that’s important for the heart

6.    Drinking coffee is thought to lower the incidence of Parkinsons and may help prevent dementia and Alzheimers

7.    Diabetes – reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes

But beware ……

Only buy good coffee, don’t have too many cups a day, it can prevent sleep so don’t have it late at night unless you want to stay awake and it’s not a great idea for pregnant ladies and children.
Make sure you get the real stuff and hold back on the sugar!

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