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Here’s Why Mixing Tobacco With Cannabis Is So Dangerous

While many are using tobacco cannabis blends in their search for the perfect high, we’re here to explain just why that may be such a bad idea.

This is less of a problem in the United States, where most of us have heard for decades the dangers of cigarettes, including second-hand smoke, but in many other countries, this is far more of a problem.

For instance, in the United States only 8 percent of cannabis smokers mix their weed with tobacco; in Europe, it’s estimated that 90 percent of cannabis smokers use mixed herb.

Some of this may be a way of masking the scent in places where marijuana is still highly illegal, but it also alters how the body reacts to THC and CBD.

As Herb notes:

Nicotine releases opiate-like feelings, which relax the muscles, ease tension and produce and overall feeling of calmness. Paired with the powerful effects of cannabis, the combination sounds like a winning match.

Unfortunately, smoking – with or without the tobacco – is hardly safe, as any sort of smoke inhalation can do damage. Instead, vaping and edibles are much safer alternatives.

Some Healthier Alternatives

In many of the European nations where this tobacco and cannabis combination is gaining popularity, smokers have yet to be introduced to cannabis in its other forms.

The perfected edibles, oils, dabs, and tinctures many in the United States are accustomed to are not available outside of the country. Many nations still use dried flowers as their only source of cannabis exposure.

Smoking cannabis, even without the tobacco, is not the safest method of ingestion. In general, any form of smoke inhalation can do some damage. New research has revealed that vaping might be the healthiest way to ingest cannabis.

Within a vape pen or other such device, the coils superheat the oils or flowers, turning the THC and CBD into vapors, not smoke. These vapors are much cleaner, healthier and safer to ingest than any kind of smoke.

Likewise, edibles and tinctures require no inhalation at all. By simply introducing the cannabis to the body in different ways, people can cut back on any dangerous effects they could encounter while using cannabis.

As the cannabis legalization movements begins to make its way overseas, more and more enthusiasts will be exposed to the many varieties and forms of cannabis that are available, helping to spread the word and decrease the use of tobacco in association with cannabis.

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