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Here’s How Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, And Feel Calm ALL The Time!

We all know how anxiety feels, and how it can be like a dark abyss with no relief. 

Feelings of anxiety can last quite a bit of time and can harm your personal life and relationships. When you do undergo a bout of anxiety, there are ways to alter your thinking. 

Here are some techniques that will bring you back to your equilibrium:

Write down your worries

When you write down your worries, you will break down the self-doubt and pity that keeps dragging you down. Write down whether you had a right with a co-worker or having some feelings for someone you can’t have. When you jot down all that burdens you, it will help in consolidating the problem and help you look for solutions.

Researchers from the University of Chicago recently found that test-takers ridden with anxiety who wrote their feelings and thoughts down, did great on the exam, than those who didn’t write down their thoughts etc. 

Researchers believe that to have success in writing down your worries is to write down the worst outcome that is bringing you so much distress. It is that method that will assess your insecurities and help you to deal with them head on. Your mind will feel at ease especially when you let go of stress.

Practice mindfulness meditation

Meditation had many healing abilities and many scientists are confirming that. It helps to encourage healthy cognitive function and mental clarity. When you have a huge list of things to do, or filled with anxiety, take a few moments to meditate.

Listen to your breath and inhale and exhale slowly. All thats needed is a quiet area and a open mind. Two minutes of this can clear your mind of any worry and bring you to a centered state. 

Channel your stress into exercise

Exercise will give you feelings of self-worth that effectively reduce overall stress and worry. Regular exercise is beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and depression, because it lowers stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline.

It helps maintain the production of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain responsible for relieving pain and improving your mood. What’s important is to not be living in the feelings of anxiousness and doubt, caused by worry, 24/7. 

These simple practices will help you deal and cope with anxiety. Try them when you find yourself losing your mind over little things or events you can’t control.

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Here’s How Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, And Feel Calm ALL The Time! Here's How Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, And Feel Calm ALL The Time! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 04:20:00 Rating: 5