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Here’s How to Identify Rice That Contains Plastic

China is the largest producer of rice in the world, as they harvest up to 200 tons a year. 

The Korean Times reports that the rice is filled with plastic and is harmful to the public. 

The report finds that rice companies in China sell mass amounts of “fake” rice thats made primarily from potato starch and plastic, with a steamed rice aroma. They even mix the fake rice with organic rice to trick the average consumer. This sparked an investigation into the claims and if they were true.

The research found that Chinese rice had the same amount of plastic as a small plastic bag. However, there are differences between fake and organic rice. Here are tests to help prove whether they are fake or real:

Test 1: Water

In a glass full of water, pour rice. If the rice falls to the bottom, it is organic.

Test 2: Fire

If they do not burn, they are organic. While the latter will indicate that the rice is fake.

Test 3: Mortar and pestle

Crush several rice grains, and if organic, the rice will become a white powder, and if you notice yellow stains, it isn’t organic.

Test 4: Mold

Cook rice in water and transfer it to a plastic container. Leave it in a sunny spot for a few days, and if you notice mold afterward, it is organic.

These tests will help to ensure you eat organic rice and keep your health in balance, as well as helping you detect its origins.

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