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Google Maps Has Bee Tracking Your Every Move, And There’s A Website To Prove It

You may or may not know, but Google maps has been keeping track of your movement. 

Emerging information reports Google maps has been keeping track of everywhere you go. Upon arrival of each destination they mark it with a red dot on a map to pin to track you easier. Making it able to figure out your identification. 

Remember watching movies such as enemy of state with Will Smith or Minority Report with Tom cruise. When they try to escape from danger of ‘the law,’ there seems like there’s just no hiding. That was all beacause every where they go there were constant retina scans feeding information back to a main database. 

Well that’s exactly what talking about here except now they have information on the most frequent places you visit. 

It’s really not that hard to believe is it? neither does it seem far off. However if you don’t, you can track your movements and find out for yourself. 

Just follow this link:

It is an established fact that no matter what privacy settings you may try to implement, your information is still being collected and stored somewhere by our governments.

But somehow, you can minimize your tracking by adhering to the following procedure below.

Just follow the following steps carefully and share this information with your friends, families and anybody you know.

To check whether location history is enabled on your account, go to the Google Maps Location history page and click the gear-icon button to access History settings. You can disable or enable the service there. Disabling location history however, does not remove your past history.

If you would like to erase the locations Google Maps has stored for the past 30 days, go back to the Location history page. The default time period shows location history for the current day, so you may not see any plots on the map. Use the pull-down menu below the calendar on the left to show your history, up to 30 days.

If you choose a time period in which Google Maps has tracked your location, you will see the points where you have been on the map. Below the calendar, you will see options to delete your history from the time period you have chosen or to delete all history.

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