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Glyphosate-soaked ‘Food’ Causes Cancer

There is data that has been recently discovered that outlines glyphosate’s (Roundup) toxicity, and worse.. 

Monsanto knew for 35 years that its herbicide contains contaminants that cause cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was also in the knowing, but made the decision to cover it up from consumers. 

The EPA and Monsanto had known this since 1981, that glyphosate contributes to cancer in animals. Studies conducted in the 70’s and 80’s documented that rats, dogs and mice has cancer, and the information was kept secret with the help of the EPA. 

“Trade secrets” was an excuse utilized by both to secure the findings in confidentiality. Monsanto had worked hard to pick and control its data to manipulate it into implying how safe glyphosate was. There was memoranda that was hidden from the public eye that recently came to light, that explained the nature of the toxic pesticide. 

Glyphosate Caused Significant Kidney Damage

Sustainable Pulse found uncovered memorandums from the EPA in the early 80’s pointing at research proving glyphosate was causing irreparable damage to kidneys in rats. The studies also found that rats had hyperplasia, which is an early phase in the growth of cancer tumors.

The EPA criticized data and urged Monsanto to gather more information before being given a NOEL, or “no observed adverse effect level,” for glyphosate. Less than a year further on, Monsanto managed to successfully rendered data unclear and made it convincing to the EPA that glyphosate was healthy for the public and safe with any conflicting data being a “trade secret.” 

“The evidence shows that by 1981 both Monsanto and the EPA were aware of malignant tumors and pre-cancerous conditions in the test animals which were fed small doses of glyphosate in the secret feeding experiments,” says Dr. Brian John for GM-Free Cymru, about the facts.

“Although concerns were expressed at the time by EPA committees, these concerns were later suppressed under the weight of conflicting evidence brought forward by Monsanto, some of it involving the inappropriate use of historical control data of dubious quality. None of these studies is available for independent examination.”

Monsanto hid glyphosate dangers by substantially reducing exposure levels in test mice

Monsanto covered up the dangers of glyphosate consumption by reducing the levels of the chemical given to lab rats. EPA memos that were leaked, had shown that test rats were administered 1/100 of the level of glyphosate than in previous studies, without any further explanations. A memo from the EPA in 1986 accepted that Monsant made an interesting move, and adds that glyphosate doses were tested to only find that they were far from the maximum dose. If levels stayed the same, then the “tumours might have been induced.”

“The effect of glyphosate on endocrine tissue such as breast and prostate, or even placenta, is disruptive at least and an increased incidence of endocrine neoplasia is likely to be seen in National Statistics,” added retired academic pathologist Dr. Stanley Ewen, noting that glyphosate’s association with pre-neoplastic changes in experimental mice were never revealed as they should have been.” “The Glyphosate Task Force denies the involvement of glyphosate in human malignancy despite their knowledge of many reports of lymphomas and pituitary adenomas in experimental animals dosed with glyphosate.”

The tobacco industry also had a hard time coming back from its shameless past of deceiving the public about cigarette toxicity. The cover up by Monsanto on glyphosate’s contribution to cancer makes this way more sinister than the tobacco industry. It brings this to a whole new level, as this corporation didn’t just lie about the safety of its top herbicide, but also controlled a federal agency that has a responsibility of ensuring public health safety. 

Check out the World Health Organization International Agency for Research that finds glyphosate to be “probably carcinogenic” to humans: 

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