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“Gaslighting”: One of the Most Dangerous Forms of Mental Manipulation We All Deal With

‘Gaslighting’ is the practice of enforced self-doubt upon an individual which creates diminished self-esteem, and reduced self-worth. It is a clever way of manipulation, and one that is difficult to break, but once identified it can be stopped.

The term comes from the 1938 film ‘Gas Light’, in which a husband creates a situation in which he drives his wife to think that she is going mad. He gradually changes things in the environment, and when she questions them is told that it’s in her head. 

This process repeated over time eventually leads to her believing that she is going mad. He slowly turns the gas on the gas light down, hence the name ‘gaslight’.

It is such a dangerous form of mental abuse due to the fact that the victim is completely unaware of it happening. A typical abuse victim can recognise what it happening to them, even if they can’t stop it. This can allow them to try to rationalise why the abuse is happening, giving at least some form of comfort, which the gaslight victim is unable to do. 

Gaslighting is not only the tool of the domestic abuser. Look around you. How many times a day are you told that buying a certain product will change you life infinitely for the better? Yes, this is a form of gaslighting.

To combat gaslighting, you must be certain of your own reality and not let anyone change your perception of your own reality. 

There are people the world over that are ready to manipulate you. Manipulative people think that they can control others, to get what they want from people they consider to be weaker than them. Be certain of yourself and don’t let anyone question the truths about yourself that you are certain of. The Secrets Behind The Science Of Persuasion

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