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French Court Finds Monsanto Guilty Of Poisoning With THIS Chemical!


Monsanto, and their paid for legal department are not know for losing many legal battles. The United States Patent and Trademark Office once stood up against the agricultural giant and lost.


French farmer Paul François is next in line to challenge Monsanto. He has decided to go head to head against potentially one of the most damaging companies on our planet.

Paul used to suffer from memory loss, headaches and stammering due to constant inhalation of the fumes from Monsanto’s then-flagship Lasso herbicide.

Eventually, Paul had slipped into a coma with doctors suggesting that he had permanent brain damage.

What is Lasso Herbicide?

Well, before there was Roundup, there was Lasso. Lasso is a monochlorobenzene based herbicide.

Monochlorobenzene is nasty and reap havok on the inner workings of your body. Paul doctors have determined that this was to blame for his condition.

Monochlorobenzene has since beeny banned in several European countries and withdrawn from circulation in the US after a heated debate.

The fact that Roundup is considered safe by comparison should tell you something about just how terrible Lasso was.

Paul François vs. Monsanto

Paul claims that the company knew and hid information from the public about the toxicity of monochlorobenzene. This was long before they withdrew it from the French market in 2007.

He also accuses the company of not providing adequate warnings and notice, which could have prevented his illness.

In 2012, a French court ruled that Monsanto was responsible for the farmer’s injuries. 

Unsurprisingly however, Monsanto appealed the decision.

French authorities upheld their ruling and ordered Monsanto to compensate Paul fully.

“It is a historic decision in so far as it is the first time a (pesticide) maker is found guilty of such a poisoning,” said François Lafforgue, Paul’s lawyer.


Monsanto’s lawyer Jean-Daniel Bretzner stated:

“The decision is very surprising given the inaccuracies and errors that dot Paul François’ evidence,” he said. “But this is just another step and the discussion is going to go on and the fight will go on.”

But What This Means Going Forward

Everyday, researchers and the general public are learning more about just how dangerous Monsanto’s chemical products are. Undoubtedly, the company’s lawyers will find a way to refute counter these findings, just like they always do.

It’s only a matter of time before more cases like Paul François pop up.

Watch this video for more information about Paul François’ case:

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