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Five Reasons to Get Naked in Your Garden

The 13th yearly World Naked Gardening Day is coming upon us and yes, naked gardening day is going around. 

You are mostly thinking, why would someone want to be naked in their garden? Besides skinny-dipping, gardening is one of the top activities people are trying out nude. 

Here’s five reasons why you should try naked gardening this year!

1. It is vital that you spend enough time out in the sun to catch some vitamin D. 

When naked, you will receive the full benefit of the vitamin as it seeps into your pores. Apply sunscreen to sensitive areas!

2. Nude gardening is an experience that triggers the senses. 

When you feel the breeze, it will touch every part of your body. The ray’s will feel awesome on the spots that are usually hidden. 

3. Gardening is found to be an antidepressant. 

The microbes in healthy soil have B12 that boosts mental health, so being dirty will uplift your mood. 

4. Gardening in the nude will help us get rid of the toxic body images perpetuated by modern society. 

If you garden with friends or alone, it will help to spread acceptance of our natural selves. 

5. Try out taking photo’s with shadows, angles, leaves and flowers that are placed carefully aside you. 

A lot of people are doing this on Instagram. Remember, May 2017 is the 13th World Naked Gardening Day, so go on out in the nude and garden!

Just don’t use power tools or go after fire ant piles with no clothes and protection on!

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