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First Ever GMO Animal APPROVED by FDA for Human Consumption…

If frankenfruit wasn’t terrifying enough, new news from the FDA should have you absolutely furious: genetically modified animals are now fair game, and will be sold for human consumption.

In particular, genetically modified salmon will be the first GMO animal, and comes courtesy a company called AquaBounty Technologies.

Despite a complete and total lack of evidence that genetically modified fish are safe for human consumption, the FDA has approved the fish for sale. Notes Andrew Kimbrell, executive director at the Center for Food Safety, “this decision sets a dangerous precedent, lowering the standards of safety in this country.”

Only two studies were considered, and both were commissioned and submitted by AquaBounty.

The fish will be dramatically more hormone-laden, as growth hormones are injected into the eggs to create a sterile fish that grows both larger and faster (up to four times each, compared to normal salmon).

Should the fish ever escape into the wild, the consequences could be tragic; while AquaBounty says it won’t happen, Monsanto also says RoundUp is safe, and accidents happen all the time.

Even better? The fish won’t be labeled as a GMO – so you’ll have no way of knowing if you’re eating a frankenfish.

Scott Faber, executive director of pro-GMO labeling group Just Label It, thinks this is an outrage. “The decision to approve GMO salmon without a mandatory disclosure is yet another example of how FDA’s outdated policy keeps consumers in the dark.”

Good luck out there, fish lovers. Hope you don’t end up with frankenfish on your plate.

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