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FDA Send Warning Letters to Essential Oil Companies, Young Living and doTERRA!

Essential oils are found to have many health benefits, and due to this, they are widely used in aromatherapy. 

The scientific community has been studying essential oils to determine how effective they are in the treatment of heart disease, bronchitis, HIV, cancer and asthma. 

The FDA knows and disapproves of the healing benefits they provide. Just this past week, doTerra and Young Living had received letters from the FDA stating that their products are being sold as unapproved drugs by the administration. 

The two companies are being demanded to eliminate the health benefit claims and take action on correcting those claims, or face a tough legal battle. The legal consequences involve having armed raids and seizure of product(s) in warehouses by federal marshals. 

FDA sends letters to Young Living and doTerra claiming their products are being marketed as unapproved drugs

The FDA has bothered many companies that sell holistic products, and producers of cranberries, walnuts, coconut oil and elderberry juice. The two essential oil companies are network-based marketing companies, which challenges the FDA and the essential oil companies. It was reported by the FDA that the independent marketers with the essential oil companies are “paid consultants,” which, the parent companies retain control in the process of how the products are marketed by its consultants. 

Companies view consultants as non-employees, while FDA believes companies have complete control of “paid consultants”

Companies have a different outlook on the situation, stating there is guidelines in place, along with regulations in the process of marketing their products. Young Living and doTerra say their guidelines are compliant with FDA regulations, and that there is no control over how non-employees distribute products. 

Luckily, doTerra remains unscathed by the warnings as many enthusiasts are still relaying to consumers that the oils can help treat a variety of health problems including weight loss and muscle pain.

 Many advocates even claim that the essential oils prevented them from going to the doctors office and being administered antibiotics. 

The internet and social media networks have proven beneficial in the movement for the usage of essential oils. It has given a channel for advocates to relay their experiences with essential oils to a global audience. Online searches on search engine Google, for “essential oils” have increased in the past two years, and the rate of searches for doTerra has also increased tenfold.

The convention from last year had 18,000 attendants, and in this years, around 27,000 is estimated to be in attendance. Financial information hasn’t been released, however, it is fact that there earning have been increasing annually. 

Google searches for “essential oils” have tripled in the last two years!

We don’t know what the FDA is willing to resort to, to halt these companies ability to sell their products in the open market. Fear and manipulation could be a tactic used. Time will only tell

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