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EXPOSED: CDC Fraudulent Cover-Up No Longer Mere Speculation

Ben Swann did a recent Truth in Media video report that’s been making the rounds on alternative health and anti-vaccination support sites.  The video report covered the CDC vaccination whistle blower case that isn’t going away despite being ignored by the majority of mainstream media

Truth in Media is a crowd funded internet enterprise in its second year, and episodes from the first year are being sent to Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. 

With Ben Swann ( former anchor at the Fox 19 in Cincinnati, Ohio) using real investigative journalism in areas considered too controversial before he got fed up with mainstream media’s lack of exposing real truth, the show is set to light up.

You have Fox and then there’s PBS, each rooting for one wing or the other of the same vulture that sucks up our lives. Swann asserts his journalism transcends the polarity of left and right politics, saying “it’s more about tyranny vs freedom”. Swann has an impressive track record in mainstream media journalism with several investigative awards on his record.

Review of Ben Swann’s CDC, Vaccine Autism Presentation

Ben gave a thorough presentation surrounding the controversy created by lead CDC scientist turned whistle blower Dr. William Thompson. Dr. Thompson, who had obtained a whistle blower attorney to help him receive whistle blower protection, also handed over documents to Florida Congressman Bill Posey with hopes there would be a congressional investigation.

After Posey’s two different appeals from the House floor to attending Representatives, there has been no further action on the CDC’s actual destruction of incriminating evidence demonstrating MMR vaccinations contribution to autism. The CDC and vaccine industry have their intertwined tentacles wrapped around Congress for sure.

Ben Swann’s coverage gives some background on vaccine autism debate. But here’s the rub. That is a narrow topic compared to the damage vaccines can and do cause. Even the report that whistle blower Thompson had helped scrub and alter excluded searching for every other cerebral or nervous system condition vaccines can cause, such as epilepsy, mental retardation, and lesser conditions such as ADD limiting it only to those diagnosed with autism.

The whole “debate” focuses only on autism, ignoring the wide range of autoimmune diseases such as asthma, allergies, immune defense deficiencies leading to chronic ailments and catching whatever bugs come around. Thus the whole debate and subsequent official studies are slanted toward minimizing all other adverse effects.

Ben Swan does an excellent job of presenting the facts with documents showing time, place, form and event. The report’s whole focus is on this CDC media/government covered scandal, and it gives a good punch in the CDC’s face as a corrupt group that violates any premise of public health protection. You can view it above and also make sure to take a look at the whistleblower documents available for free immediate download below. Download copies for yourself before they’re taken down for good.

There Seems To Be a Huge Conflict of Interest

Dr. Julie Gerberding, Merck’s vaccine department head, is living it large with her high salary and Merck stock holdings partly sold and partly still retained.

She was in posession of these shares even while in office over at the CDC, when the Thompson and colleagues altered the Atlanta area MMR autism study.

Merck is the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine currently used in the USA. Careerism and cash trump integrity in this criminal culture that indulges in narcissistic worship of success at any cost.

Thanks must be given  to Truth in Media for making these whistleblower documents available. 

Click the following link to download them and then expand the folders to view the irrefutably damning CDC documents:

Whistleblower Document Folder

And you can contribute to crowd funding for more of the same here.

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