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Experts Beg Everyone To Check Their Gardens For Tiny Eggs!

When I go out into the nature around me, I feel stunned by the beauty of our planet. 

Being a city resident, you learn to greatly value the grass and flowers. Apparently, there are many who don’t cherish the natural beauty of nature. A lot would rather bring down a tree than let it live or grow another one. At least we have a right balance of open, loving people in the world who value mother nature. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service help to ensure the protection of our country and its ecosystem. 

Many animals mate and reproduce in the spring time, including hummingbirds. Now that we have that in the open, the USFWS is warning people on what not to do and what to do if they happen to find a hummingbird nest. The USFWS took action and posted to Facebook warnings on nests of hummingbirds. Being on the internet, it garnered a lot of attention with users sharing their thoughts with family and friends. The post online was said to have over 250,000 shares from nature enthusiasts whose goal is to ensure protection of hummingbirds. 

The online post was tagged with a photo of a hummingbird nest in the forest. The picture from a photographer, Kelly Campbell, shows how tiny the nest is and where it is in the tree. It’s heaven to these lightweight birds as they weigh around 1/10 of an ounce. The USFWS even went on to convey some influential words on what actions to take if you discover a nest out in the wild. They say: “Hummingbird eggs are tiny, about the size of jelly beans! Please remember to carefully check for nests before you trim trees and shrubs this spring.”

Hummingbirds are found in all over America and as far as Chile, and Alaska when the summer creeps on. They go wherever they feel most acclimated to. Gardens are a hotspot for hummingbirds as they find it a secure place to nest in. If your garden is kept and well-maintained, they will set up home. Especially if you have vibrant, nectar-abundant flowers, hummingbird feeders and birdbaths in your garden. When they choose to make your garden their home they will mate and start a family. 

Out of moss, spider webs, and leaves, female hummingbirds create these small nests. They are always placed on downward-facing branches, but tends to nest in any environment. To ensure security of their young, female hummingbirds gather up lichen to cover up the nest for a disguise. It keeps eggs safe from the harm of many predators, but their risk of death from garden maintenance is high. If you do reside in North or South America, examine your garden with care before whacking and pruning out unnecessary branches, de-weeding and leaves etc. When you save a few untidy branches, you could be saving many little hummingbirds.

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