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Exercise AND Wash Laundry With This Amazing Eco-Friendly Bicycle

This amazing bike is also a washing machine, meaning you can get fit and take care of necessary household tasks.

Thanks to a Chinese student-led invention, you can now exercise and do your laundry at the same time. The Bike Washing Machine (or BiWa, as the student inventors named it) is a human-powered washing machine which allows you to exercise, do laundry, and conserve water all at the same time.


Designed by students at Dalian Nationalities University in China, the pedals spin and rotate the drum, which is also the front wheel. Any excess energy created powers a display screen that monitors the wash cycle’s progress for the cyclist.


Even better, you can always have your family members cycle off excess energy, too – and that energy can be stored for subsequent use. Not only does this washing machine take care of your laundry – it can help you get fit, too!

For college students and families pinching pennies, the bike helps save money, too, as it saves time, water, and energy!

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