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“Earthquake Swarm” Hits Yellowstone Super-Volcano, Time Bomb For North America

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Yellowstone Caldera. Did you know it may be about to blow?

In recent weeks, an earthquake swarm has hit the region surrounding Yellowstone, Wyoming and the supervolcano under the National Park. 

There were 60 earthquakes on Friday alone.

Notes Express:

“A 4.5 magnitude trembler struck Yellowstone, according to data from the US Geological Survey.

Scientists said Thursday’s earthquake was part of a swarm hitting the area since Monday.

Yellowstone volcano, located in the US state of Wyoming, is one of the most feared on the planet and described as a “ticking time bomb” – with various scientists claiming its eruption could be catastrophic.

Experts have long claimed an eruption there could have world-changing catastrophic impacts.”

Here is a map of the 300+ recent earthquakes.

(Image credit: Imgur/USGS)

Ideas of what would happen if – or perhaps, more accurately, when – the supervolcano blows vary, but most experts agree it isn’t anything good.

Consider this, from Live Science:

“Yellowstone Volcano’s next supereruption is likely to spew vast quantities of gases such as sulfur dioxide, which forms a sulfur aerosol that absorbs sunlight and reflects some of it back to space.

The resulting climate cooling could last up to a decade. The temporary climate shift could alter rainfall patterns, and, along with severe frosts, cause widespread crop losses and famine.

But a Yellowstone megablast would not wipe out life on Earth. There were no extinctions after its last three enormous eruptions, nor have other supereruptions triggered extinctions in the last few million years.”

Of course, until it happens, we have no way of really know just how bad it could be. In the meantime, we’ll be avoiding Yellowstone.

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