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Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life for Good!

You’ve likely heard apple cider vinegar is pretty amazing, but you may not know just how amazing – check out all the benefits to drinking a little ACV each night.

Check out ten of the best ways ACV can help you below:

  1. Bad breath: 1 tsp ACV before bedtime can kill bacteria that causes bad breath.
  2. Prevents indigestion and insomnia: Mix a tsp ACV with a tsp honey in a glass of water and drink 30 minutes before sleeping.
  3. Reduces nocturnal leg cramps: ACV fights cramps by adding potassium, as many cramps are the result of a potassium deficiency. 2 tbspns in warm water before bed will fix that problem.
  4. Regulates blood sugar: 2 tsp ACV before bed each night can raise insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar. (If on diabetes medication, however, consult your doctor first.)
  5. Relieves stuffy nose: Drink a tsp ACV with a glass of water at bedtime to help clear the sinuses and clear mucus.
  6. Soothes stomachache: 1 tsp of ACV in lukewarm water each evening can prevent cramps, gas, and other upset stomach symptoms.
  7. Stops hiccups: 1 tsp can calm the hiccuping urge.
  8. Treats acid reflux: 1 tsp ACV in water an hour before bed can help reset the acidity of your stomach.
  9. Treats a sore throat: 1 tsp 30 minutes before bed can take full advantage of ACV’s powerful antibacterial properties.
  10. Weight Loss: Obesity is often tied to sleep deprivation, and as more pounds are added, sleep issues compound. ACV can help by adding pectin, signaling satiety, and helping prevent fat accumulation. A single tsp in warm water each evening can help.

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