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‘Don’t Shoot Me’: Video Shows Cops Hold 5 Innocent Children at Gunpoint for Playing Basketball

One local community is justifiably outraged after recent video came out in Grand Rapids, Michigan – where officers held five boys, ages twelve to fourteen, at gunpoint as they walked home from a basketball game.

The video was finally released after the Grand Rapids Press requested it through a Freedom of Information Act – and only then after independent video from afar proved it had happened, so the Grand Rapids Police Department couldn’t continue denying the incident.

None of the boys were armed – even though the department originally claimed they were called in as a result of a fight in the area.

The footage, below, shows a disturbing scene, in which the boys were immediately drawn upon and told to get on the ground.

Several of the children can be heard in the video saying such things as “I do not want to die, bro,” and “Don’t shoot me!”

In the video it’s clear that Officer Johnson had his finger on the trigger of his gun the entire time.

The police’s defense? “We’re just doing our job because a lot of people out here have guns.” So said officer Troy Colegrove, and the Grand Rapids department issued a similar statement.

“The officers didn’t do anything wrong. They acted on articulate facts from a witness moments earlier who said he saw them hand a gun to each other,” read one statement from the department.

Local NAACP president Cle Jackson told local NBC News affiliate, WOOD-TV, “If this is protocol, in terms of how you detain and treat teens and youth, then there probably needs to be a change in that protocol.”

“The issue is not about having bad police officers,” LINC UP executive director Jeremy DeRoo explained. “The issue is there’s a protocol in place that is causing significant damage to the relationship between the people and the police department.”

Fortunately, none of the boys were shot…but who’s to say what will happen next time, given that protocol isn’t likely to change?

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