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Donald Trump Has Just Made It Legal To Kill Hibernating Bears

Donald Trump has reversed Obama-era wildlife protection laws designed to prevent hunters from utilizing brutal tactics. 

Tactics like trapping/shooting bears with cubs and wolves, hunting a grizzly bear from in a plane, and fooling bears for an easy shot with food. Hunting is a very common tradition loved by native Alaskans. 

In the state of Alaska there are 16 national wildlife refuges that covers around 76 million acres of land. Alaskan congressman Ronald Young, passed his bill in the house and senate, then had it signed into law by the president. 

Mr. Young says: We have to recognize this is not about the little polar bears, the little grizzly bears or wolves on television, this is about the state’s right to manage – not allowing the federal government to do so.

Laws that regulated hunters will now be able to be repealed at the state level. Many activists and animal lovers have spoke out against the new bill. After the bill was signed officially into law, Chief Executive of the Humane Society, Wayne Pacelle, said that: What the House did today should shock the conscience of every animal lover in America. If the Senate and President concur, we’ll see wolf families killed in their dens [and] bears chased down by planes.”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) even endorsed the law that enables animal cruelty. Congressman Young likes to think that the law is to help give states the right to choose their own hunting laws, when it does nothing but allow cruel hunting tactics. Trump supports animal hunting and sympathizes with hunters. Before he took office, he had to back up his sons , Eric and Donald Jr, after they took pictures holding an elephant tail.

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