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Columnar Fruit Trees: Create Your Own City Orchard with These Amazing Dwarf Fruit Trees

If you’ve always wanted your own fruit orchard, but thought you couldn’t because of your urban setting, we’re here to tell you you can: With columnar fruit trees, you can have an orchard even with limited space!

Columnar fruit trees, also known as urban fruit trees, Minarettes, or Pillarettes, or trees that grow their fruit in clusters along a slim trunk, meaning they take up less space.

Tips for growing your own dwarf fruit trees

  • You may think that these delicate trees are demanding in terms of care. That is not the case whatsoever. They thrive in USDA zones 4-8, meaning that they are quite tolerant of different climates. Only the extremely hot or cold weather conditions are not suitable for them.
  •  They need exposure to full sunlight and they have to be watered regularly, making certain that the soil does not become too soggy or too dry.  While they are growing, it is necessary to nourish the trees with a good-quality fertilizer.
  • The containers should be spaced 2 – 3 feet apart. Their maximum height should be 6-8 feet.
  • If you intend to cultivate miniature apple trees, we advise you to obtain at least two different sorts to enable cross-pollination. This is needed so that the tree could produce fruit successfully.
  • The weak and damaged branches need to be cut off to give way to the strong ones in order for them to support the weight of the fruits. This should be done regularly in the initial tender stage, and occasionally in the more mature stages.

What kinds of columnar trees are available on the market?

We recommend Thompson-Morgan fruit trees, which include:

  • Cherry “Sylvia”
  • Plum “Black Amber”
  • Pear “Doyenne du Comice”
  • Apple “Gala”
  • Apple “Golden Delicious”

Regarding their price, columnar fruit trees are a real value for money. They may seem to be quite costly, but you will be able to enjoy their external beauty and the delicious produce for at least 20 years.

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