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China Is Making Rice From Plastic, Here’s How To Identify It

If you regularly eat rice, then beware that fake rice found being sold in China could be making its way to a supermarket near you.

The fake rice is just one in a vast range of counterfeit products we are increasingly seeing on the black markets of the world, but this Chinese rice is deadly if eaten in large quantities.

The Chinese market has begun to produce this fake rice as it is an even cheaper alternative to real rice, which itself is one of the cheapest foods on the planet. It is made out of synthetic material, mostly plastic, and potato residues. 

The end product is said to look and taste like rice, but it is incredibly toxic, eating three bowls of this “man-made” rice is the equivalent to eating a plastic bag.

The rice has not been found yet in US food supplies, but it has been found in other countries outside of China. 

If you suspect any of the rice you have bought recently might be this plastic imposter rice, use these tips to see if it the real thing or not.

1. See if the rice sinks or swims in a glass of water.

Stir one tablespoon of rice into a glass of water and watch. If the rice sinks, it’s probably real rice, but if it floats, it’s likely plastic.

2. Look for a weird layer of residue while rice boils.

While boiling your rice, don’t eat it if you notice a thick layer of residue forming on the top.
3. Try the fungus test.

Cook up a cup of rice, then put it in a container and leave it on the counter for a few days. If you notice mold forming, it will be real rice. If mold doesn’t form within a few days, you’re looking at plastic rice. 

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