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CAUTION- If You Find These Things in the Home, Talk to a Doctor Immediately

We’re here to warn you of a warning for the Center for Disease, Control, and Prevention: the kissing bug!

In particular, the kissing bug transmits Trupanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas. Within 2 months of entering the body, people can expect a wide range of flu-like signs – headaches, difficulty breathing, fever, muscle aches, lymph glands swollen. Eyelid swelling and skin lesions may also accompany.

Currently, in the United States the areas of risk are New England and New York.

In particular, be area of these places:

  • Stony areas
  • Dog cages
  • Chicken coop
  • Rocks near the house

 To prevent this from being a problem, we recommend:

  • Seal every crack of windows, walls, doors
  • Remove wood piles and stone piles
  • Avoid puddles
  • Keep the house in pristine state
  • No yard lights close to the home
  • Call Department of Health if you notice kissing bugs

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