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Cannabis Experts Develop THC-A Crystalline: The Strongest Hash in the World at 99.99% THC

There is a new craze in the hash community – Crystalline hash – and the demand is so high that THC-A Crystalline is going for $200 a gram in southern California dispensaries.

At 99.9% THC, Crystalline is officially the strongest hash on the market, wiping the floor with ice hash, rosin, and BHO which only range from about 50-80% THC.

There are many different forms of cannabis concentration, from shatter to wax to crumble, there’s something for everyone. Many people don’t know that the variety in these concentrates come from purging the solvent out of the final product. 

THC is different because when it is reduced to its purest state, it crystallizes, creating crystal 
‘rocks’ which are very different to any other marijuana concentrate available at the moment.

The appearance of crystalline has put many people off trying it, with many dubious of its meth-like appearance, and this criticism is a valid one. You shouldn’t be put off by it’s looks though, as cannabis crystalline is the purest form of THC and has been providing relief for patients suffering from debilitating and fatal illnesses.

Guild Extracts, a Southern California extraction company, is currently the leader in producing crystalline.. Their crystallizing process is a well kept secret, but they claim they can make THC-A Crystalline out of any starting material from hydrocarbon extract, CO2 extract, and ice water concentrate. They are clear about one thing, however they are not using a solvent to create the hash, its the other way round, they are extracting pure THC from the materials they start with.

If you’re wondering exactly what THC-A Crystalline is, it is created like this: before THC is combusted, it is in its raw acidic form, also known as THC-A. THC-A on its own is completely inactive, meaning if it is ingested it will not get you high, although it does have a load of health benefits. When THC-A is activated by heat in a process called decarboxylation, the acidic carbon atom (the “A” in THC-A) is removed leaving behind the psychoactive THC, the important ingredient in the different kinds of cannabis concentrations.

Pure THC doesn’t contain terpenes, that is the compound which gives it it’s taste ans smell, and it’s relaxing properties. Guild Extracts has made up for the lack of flavour with a method they call “dip n dab,” dipping the crystalline concentrate into terpenes extracted from strains like Goji OG, Tangie, and Sherbert.

While some may be scared away because of the intense potency, crystalline actually provides a nice clean, focused, and inspired high, plus the added bonus that it is free of chemicals (like butane) that are often in other concentrations.

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Cannabis Experts Develop THC-A Crystalline: The Strongest Hash in the World at 99.99% THC Cannabis Experts Develop THC-A Crystalline: The Strongest Hash in the World at 99.99% THC Reviewed by C C on 19:18:00 Rating: 5