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Cancer-killing Dandelion Tea Receives $217K Research Grant

Research at the University of Windsor in 2012 first showed the promise of dandelion root extract in killing cancer cells. 

Now? Biochemist Siyaram Pandey, who first broke the news, has $217,000 in grant funding to examine further.

What began with anecdotal evidence – Pandey heard of a patient who was getting better drinking dandelion tea – and then curiosity has now become science, and the new funding means that they’ll be able to better study, and understand, how dandelion root extract might be a sustainable cancer treatment.

This new funding will allow for a full-blown clinical trial of 30 patients with blood cancers that have shown resistance to traditional treatments, and will allow the scientists to better test their new concoction: A dandelion tea powder 6-10 more potent than anything otherwise available on the market. 

The powder can then be dissolved and water and drank as a tea; the new funding provides for 6,000 doses of the tea for clinical trials at the Windsor Regional Cancer Center.

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