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Canadian Urban Farmer Grows 50,000 Lbs Of Food On Less Than 1 Acre Of Land

“Just imagine what our cities would look like if we had an urban farmer on every street corner producing healthy, abundant, fresh food for the people in that community.” – Curtis Stone, CEO Green City Acres

Curtis Stone is the CEO of Green City Acres, a company dedicated to urban farming. About urban farming he says “What if I told you that there was a way you could live off the land, farm commercially, be a direct solution to food security, economic inequality, and environmental degradation, build community ties and social capital, and make a living out of it?”

Green City Acres is able to exist as it grows vegetables on donated plots of land in Kelowna, B.C. It then transports them to consumers using only Eco-friendly bicycles and custom-built trailers.  They grew over 50,000 lbs of food in 2012 on less than 1 acre of land, with only organic methods and only 80 litres of gasoline,which powered a rototiller.

The company uses SPIN farming techniques, and Green City Acres delivers food to restaurants, where it is exchanged for food scraps which are then taken back to the plots to fertilise the soil, making the whole process sustainable.

Farming on land you don’t own

Urban farming is able to exist because of people who are willing to give up their lawn so that it can be used to grow organic produce, instead of them having to maintain it themselves, which can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive. Those who give up parts of their gardens do so in exchange for a basket of fresh produce every week. Many residents from central Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada have donated land for Green City Acres to grown produce on.

SPIN Farming is the method of farming used, and it is perhaps the most intensive and effective farming technique ever created. SPIN stands for Small Plot Intensive Farming, it comes with a handbook, SPIN-Farming Basics, if you want to learn the process of this farm in a step-by-step guide. SPIN farming is  easy-to-learn and is inexpensive. Using SPIN it is possible to earn $50,000 gross from growing fruit and vegatables on only a half-acre of land.

Still a relatively small operation, as of July 6th, 2012, Green City Acres was farming 7 plots of land and employing two people full time. But with the positive way in which the public have got on board, plans for the future are growing.  When he is not urban farming, Curtis Stone works as a public speaker, teacher, and consultant, sharing his story and inspiring a new generation of farmers.

“As a worldwide effort, this can create millions of permanent jobs; and these are jobs with purpose, because you can actually feel good about the things you’re producing for your community.” – Curtis Stone, Green City Acres

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