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Canadian Journalist: “I Was in Syria. The Mainstream Media is Lying to You!”

Eva Bartlett, a Canadian Independent journalist and rights activist with extensive experience, who has traveled many times to Syria and spent a total of 3 years in Gaza, Lebanon, wrote a very exposing article and explained in depth about all the lies of the US Coalition in the Middle East. 


The article is called, “Moderate Terrorists. Deconstructing the NATO Narrative on Syria. Leftists Keeping the Myth Alive”

You can watch “The Richie Allen Show” with Eva Bartlett talking and exposing the truth about Syria below:

Recent photos and Eva’s reportage from West Aleppo can be found here.

It is just a small glimpse compared to what worldwide media is broadcasting and covering. 

Eva even reported a list of human right “groups” whose reports she considers completely untrustworthy, dishonest, and utterly unreliable.

• The White Helmets
• Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)
• Amnesty International
• Médecins Sans Frontières/MSF
• Human Rights

Bartlett and her colleague Vanessa Beeley had a chance to investigate the Syria Civil Defense/White Helmet issue and analyze mainstream media news in depth. In August 2016 they’ve given the opportunity to spend valuable time with Aleppo’s REAL Syria Civil Defence. They reported that in 5 years and six months of this war, a western media reporter/journalist has never asked to speak to them.

That is astonishing knowing big news outlets like CNN, BBC, Washington Post, have weekly, even daily, reports from Syria. All members of Aleppo’s REAL Syria Civil Defence were genuine volunteers. They undergo the intensive “Urban Search and Rescue techniques” training process before being accepted into the unit. The biggest obstacle the crew faces is EU-UN sanctions against Syria. They are unable to restock and replenish their necessary supplies, especially medical ones.

Vanessa Beeley’s journey can be seen below: 

It is the absurdity of our world today: America created, and supports to an extent, the terrorism which Syrians and their allies are fighting; Syrian civilians, including children, are being killed and murdered by American-supported terrorist; and the United Nations are simply on the sideline trying to cover up and pointing their fingers at Russia and Syria.

The United Nations’ function is, or should we say was, to prevent suffering, misery, and sorrow, but it would be far from the lie to say that they are enabling terrorism and war crimes in Syria.

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