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Breaking: EU Just Approved Import ../../of Genetically Modified Monsanto Soybeans.css

While many countries are having some success in fighting Monsanto and the spread of GMOs, that isn’t the case everywhere, as the European Union has approved both import and processing of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, a new GMO strand.

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As the commission said in a statement last July, “Today the Commission authorized three GMOs for food/feed uses (soybean MON 87708 x MON 89788, soybean MON 87705 x MON 89788 and soybean FG 72), all of which have gone through a comprehensive authorization procedure, including a favorable scientific assessment by EFSA.”

As a result of the approval, Monsanto’s GMO soybeans are now authorized to be used both to feed animals and in human food, but not for planting in the EU. While the authorization is for the next 10 years, the EU has also warned “any products produced from these GMOs will be subject to the EU’s strict labeling and traceability rules.”

What makes the new beans different from previous Monsanto GMOs is the addition of dicamba. The new GMO crops – coupled with the dicamba/glyphosate cocktail – make up what Monsanto has dubbed the ‘Roundup Ready Xtend crop system,’ designed to trump super weeds that have evolved along with the company’s glyphosate-based Roundup biocide.

Of course, dicamba has been linked to high rates of cancer and birth defects in the families of food growers, according to government and other scientific studies. Consumer, health, environmental, and farmer advocates have fiercely opposed the new Xtend system over health and environmental concerns.

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