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Boy Nearly Decapitated While Using THIS Popular Cell Phone Accessory

16-year-old Bradley Willoughby from Queensland, Australia, was nearly decapitated by the most unlikely of cell phone accessories while motorbiking on his parents’ farm.

Bradley wasn’t doing anything out if the ordinary and in fact was enjoying a nice day doing what he loved. However, accidents happen and sometimes can be much worse than expected. Bradley had protective clothing on and his helmet when riding his dirt bike but sometimes that just isn’t enough. 

Beneath his helmet was a pair of corded earbuds—typical, everyday ones like these:

Bradley was speeding through the farm when the moment everyone fears occurred. He crashed. As Bradley crashed he went through a barbed wire fence and was severely injured.  He dislocated and broke his ankle, severely scratched his stomach and was nearly decapitated.

Upon impact, since his earbuds were secured under his helmet, they didn’t pop off, and instead the rubber coating on the earbuds’ chords were pulled off, revealing the sturdy copper wires within.

The copper wire wrapped around bradley’s neck and gave him this grusome scar. 

According to the boy’s father, who removed the chords from his son while waiting for paramedics to arrive, the copper wires were deep, but narrowly missed his trachea.

Although Bradley and his parents are relieved that he will survive and recover, they are sending out a strong warning to other parents:

“Do not wear wired earphones under a motorbike helmet,” said Bradley’s mom, “It’s potentially life-threatening.”

Luckily, there are some easy alternatives to this earbud danger, including the use of wirelessbluetooth versions that don’t pose the risk of being choked or strangled by the cords. Better yet, don’t listen to music while riding. It is safer to have all your senses focused on what is going on.

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