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Beware: The Real Truth About Colonoscopy Nobody Talks About

Every year, over 14 million healthy people from the ages of 50 and up, are subjected to a colonoscopy to detect colon cancer. 

This procedure has raked in millions to the industry, while this invasive procedure remains used. 

It’s a Painful and Dangerous Procedure

It’s being found that it is deadly and ineffective than they would like to accept. The Annals of Internal Medicine’s report on colonoscopies, estimated that 70,000 (0.5%) will be killed or injured by a serious complication from the invasive procedure. This rate is higher by 22% than yearly deaths from colorectal cancer, that it was made to prevent. 

The Telemark Polyp Study I, found that colonoscopies can raise mortality rates by 57%, and for every person saved from a colonoscopy, 56 will suffer harm from it.

You can live quite a bit of time with colon cancer, but if a hole is punctured into your intestines, you will die very quickly. It has been clinically proven that you can be infected by HIV; Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Helicobacter pylori,; Hepatitis B and C; Salmonella; Pseudomonas and Aeruginosa; Flu Viruses and other common bacteria such as, E. Coli O157:H7, Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease, and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).

Colonoscopy Does NOT Prevent Cancer

The American Cancer Society says that up until 2009 “…there are no prospective randomized controlled trials of screening colonoscopy for the reduction in incidence of or mortality from colorectal cancer.” In 2006, the New York times published an article,“The patients in all the studies had at least one adenoma detected on colonoscopy but did not have cancer. 

They developed cancer in the next few years, however, at the same rate as would be expected in the general population without screening.” Another study in 2006 had discovered that screened patients had colorectal cancer“at the same rate as would be expected in the general population without screening” in the next few years, even though all found polyps had been surgically removed. 

Colonoscopy is a Scam

The AMA has done nothing but chase greed in enforcing colonoscopy screenings as a preventative care method for an insane profit. A colonoscopy has enough radiation similar to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

 The National Cancer institute says, “Whether virtual colonoscopy can reduce the number of deaths from colorectal cancer is not yet known.” There is a non-invasive test out there than can be proven just as effective, a fecal immunochemical test.

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