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Benefits of Eating More Purple Vegetables and Fruits

We all know that filling our diet with plenty of vegetables is the best way to keep healthy, but understanding exactly what we can get from different types of vegetables is important.

Vegetables and fruits come in a whole rainbow of different colours, and even the same type can have lots of different shades. The colour of a particular fruit or vegetable tells us lots about what’s on the inside, and the different benefits of that particular type.

Fruit and veg which are purple in colour, including red onion, red cabbage, black grapes and blueberries all have similar properties, and here are the benefits of eating them:

1. Slows down ageing

Fruit and veg that have a darker colour contain more antioxidnts that other colours, which can combat the signs of ageing. Remember the darker the fruit, the more antioxidants.

2. Regulates blood pressure

Certain dark coloured foods like prunes, eggplant, blackcurrant and purple cabbage all contain something called flavonoids. They help lower the risk of high blood pressure and and other heart related problems.

3. Prevents urinary tract infections

Purple food are also high in pigments called anthocyanins, which help prevent bacteria like E.coli from thriving in the urinary tract. If you are prone to UTI’s, try adding more purple foods into your diet.

4. Helps the heart

The more your diet includes healthy fruits and vegetables rather than fatty foods, the better your heart will be overall. The double effect of the nutrients in antioxidants and the anthocyanins will help protect your heart.

5. Reduce colon cancer risk

The high presence of anthocyanins are also helpful at preventing colon cancer. They tend to congregate in the skins of purple fruit and veg, so make sure you always eat the skins.

Try incorporating more purple coloured food into your diet to feel the benefits of these hidden-health gems.

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