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Ben and Jerry’s Considers Marijuana-infused Ice Cream

It seems like Ben & Jerry’s have already created every flavour of ice cream imaginable then think again. A marijuana-infused ice cream might be next on the cards for the ice cream makers.

In an interview with HuffPost Live last month co-found Ben Cohen said “Makes sense to me. You know, combine your pleasures,” which has got marijuana fans excited for the possible combination. 

Other co-owner Jerry Greenfield also alluded to the pair having ‘experience’ with certain substances, and what do people really think their popular ice cream flavour’s name “half baked” is referring to?

Like people’s attitudes towards it, marijuana is becoming more mainstream. It has been legalised for recreational use in Four states, and many more for medicinal use, and polls are ever showing that people are becoming more in favour at it being legalised than ever before.
In January 2014, a CNN/ORC poll found that 55% of Americans favored the legalization of marijuana, compared to only 16% thought that in 1987, CNN reported at the time.

According to the Denver Post, in Colorado, where marijuana was first made legal in the U.S, edibles containing weed now make up nearly half of the marijuana market.

Unfortunately the decision won’t be down to Ben and Jerry themselves, they signed ownership of the company over to Unilever Inc. for $326 million in 2000.

“If It were my decision, I’d be doing it,” Greenfield told HuffPost Live. “But fortunately, we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out.”

Kelly Mohr, spokeswoman for the company told AdWeek magazine there are no current plans for a marijuana-ice cream combo, but didn’t rule it out altogether

“Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t given any concrete consideration to the possibility of cannabis-infused ice cream but we are always open to new flavors and ideas, and this is certainly an idea that has floated around”

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