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Austrian Doctor Developed A DIET That Kills Cancer Cells And Cured Thousands Of Cancer Patients!

A doctor in Austria named Rudolf Breuss, was known for his persistence in the search for an all-natural cure to cancer. 

After many years of searching, he discovered a 42-day juicing diet that had the ability to eradicate growing cancer cells. Since 1980 when he found it, over 45,000 cancer patients found the treatment 100% effective. 

The Breuss Total Cancer Treatment is strictly about consumption of herbs, vegetables and fruit. This is effective in starving cancer cells, leading them to die off due to not being fed solid food proteins. Healthy body cells aren’t affected by this at all, so do not worry!

Those who are cancer-free have experimented with this juice and felt health effects (even within a week in some cases) that include:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced risk of cold and flu
  • Improved sleep


As instructed in The Breuss Cancer Cure, patients are to refrain from consuming solids for 42 days. Instead of consuming solid vegetables, you juice them. The recipe for one serving needs:

  • 3-4 celery sticks
  • ½ of a potato
  • 1 black radish
  • 1 medium-sized carrot
  • 1 large beetroot

Make sure that you juice and strain the vegetables really well to remove the pulp. It is also advised that you do not consume more than half a liter in one day!

Observe The Creation Of Breuss Juice

Below, the video goes over how to make two servings of the juice. Celeriac, a cancer-killing root vegetable, was added into the mixture. It was even found that it is great in the Hippocrates soup within Gerson Therapy.


Dr. Bruess found that solid food protein fuels cancer cells and allows them to grow. The diet he introduced is the blueprint for cancerous cell starvation. The ingredients for the juice was picked mostly for their disease-fighting abilities. 

They also have to be organic! Let’s look into each vegetable used in the juice to understand its health benefits.


In Europe, beets were utilized to treat cancer for many centuries. Beets provide oxygen for the blood, and gives the body important nutrients to help your immune system ward off disease. This vegetable also works to rid the body of carcinogenic toxins from the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver.


Researchers out of Newcastle University discovered that carrots have polyacetylenes, that fight off tumors and disrupt growth. There are other studies that even found falcarinol, a cancer-fighter compound, in carrots that reduced a third of the tumor in rats.


According to a study conducted in 2013, celery can eliminate up to 86 percent of lung cancer cells due to containing apigenin. Research from the past has even discovered that apigenin works to effectively hinder the growth and reproduction of cancerous cells.


It was discovered in some studies that potatoes can help to suppress the reproduction of liver, lymphoma, cervical, stomach, prostate and colon cancerous cells. They also help to trigger apoptosis or death of the cells.


Radishes contain anthocyanin’s and vitamin C, which help it act as a detoxifier for the body. Vitamin C is essential for the elimination of cancer cells, while anthocyanin has antioxidant properties that ward off free radicals and ensure DNA protection from harmful damage.

Be sure to read the book by Rudolf breuss before starting the cure, to help you understand the diet a little more. 

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