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Apple Seeds and Cancer: This is What the Government Has Been Hiding From Us for Years

Many people may freak at the mention of eating apple seeds, cherry pits, or apricot seeds, as they contain cyanide. New research, however, suggests those seeds may be a cancer cure in waiting.

While it’s true that those seeds contain cyanide, most experts agree that it would take a whole lot of them to poison a person. And, in this case, there’s a lot more that we may not be adequately investigating.

In this case, what we should be looking at in our research is amygdalin, the compound that contains cyanide. New anecdotal evidence from Australia shows that eating apricot seeds in large quantities – dozens, daily, for months – may help eliminate cancer.

Here’s what we know: Amygdalin has four molecules – two glucone, one cyanide, and one benzaldyhide. Here’s what happens: Cancer cells attract amygdalin compounds, as they want the glucose, but the other two molecules – cyanide and benzaldyhide – end up killing cancer cells.

So the cancer cells attract the amygdalin compounds for their glucose, but are whacked when they metabolize those compounds that free the benzalldyhide and cyanide. The glucose is the sugar bait. Cancer cells contain an enzyme that is not found in healthy cells, beta-glucosidase.

The beta-glucosidase enzyme “unlocks” the amygdalin compound, releasing the deadly toxins within the cancer cell. Only cancer cells metabolize amygdalin. Healthy normal cells don’t. Most non-cancerous cells contain another enzyme, rhodanese. Free cyanide molecules are bound to sulfur molecules by rhodanese, creating harmless cyanates that are eliminated in the urine.

If not promoted as a cancer cure, apricot seeds aren’t banned. Avoid sugar while attempting to cure cancer with any method, and obviously, more research needs to be done before considering this a scientifically valid treatment, but the anecdotal evidence so far sure is exciting!

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