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Anonymous Issues Chilling Warning To North Dakota Governor Over DAPL [Watch]

Since the troubles between the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the police erupted several months back, the Native Americans have garnered a lot of public interest and backing.

The public have taken side with the  ‘water protectors’ after seeing the unjustified violence that has been used by the police and other law enforcers. Armed police have been deployed to deal with the protestors who are not armed, they have fired rubber bullets, been violent towards the protestors and arrested them without merit.

The story is ongoing, and though some news outlets have given air time to the story, it has been ignored by many of the mainstream news companies. It is the coverage given to this case on the internet that has really helped the cause, with the story being shared thousands of times on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites.

It may come as little surprise then, that Anonymous, the online justice group has issued a stark warning to the Governor of North Dakota. The full video is below, in which Anonymous states they have  “decided to stand with the Native Americans whose land you raped, whose sacred lands you destroyed.”

Anonymous are famous for being able to find even the most sensitive and secret information about it’s enemies using the members’ intelligence and technologically advanced hacking methods. They threatened to release information about eh ‘conflict of interests’ that is apparently bubbling under the surface, and warns that if any more of the Tribe or protestors gets hurt, they  “will release docs on” whoever is personally responsible.

We know where you live. Everyone you know. And everything there is to know about you.

Watch the video below: 

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