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American Actor Jonah Hill Shows Off Body Transformation; Credits Weight Loss to Nutritionist’s Guidance

When Jonah Hill caught the media’s attention and many Hollywood fans, it all started from his role in 2007’s film Superbad. 

He was overweight and in his early 20s when his acting career started. Since that time, his weight has stayed blanched while under the public eye. After showing off little body changes in every role he played, Hill surprised his fans with some interesting news. 

At the age of 33, he credits his nutritionist and a push-up goal that helped him lose weight. A picture of Jonah Hill picking up a smoothie in LA in June 2017 was inspiring and showed a huge comparison to his previous look. When you look at new pictures of him, your mouth will drop. 

How Did Jonah Hill Lose All The Weight?

In 2011, Hill was interviewed by ABC News where he spoke about seeing his nutritionist to aid in weight management.

“He really helped me understand nutrition… He had me write down the things that were my favorite food. And it was like the menu of a 6 year old’s birthday party. It was like chicken fingers and pizza and absurd things for an adult person to be consuming. It was interesting to learn about it and something I really gravitated towards,” Says Hill, while laughing. What exactly changed?

“I used to literally never eat vegetables, and now they taste good to me! Now I eat lots of Japanese foods with cooked vegetables and soy sauce.” 

In another interview on radio, he spoke about his support group.

“All my friends were in college, so I was living like a frat guy, everyone was just drinking beer and eating pizzas.” In the radio interview, he also spoke about his fitness routine. He jokingly says, “I started physically running instead of emotionally running.”

“A friend of mine said ‘If you do a hundred push-ups a day, you’ll be in shape.’ And I worked my way up and now I do that every day. I started at like 10.” Jonah knows well that exercising rigorously wasn’t everything in the loss of weight.“I already started to lose weight before the ‘working out’ part of the deal.”

Even though Hill will have to condition his body to the various acting roles he partakes in, he has worked on creating healthier habits and sticking to a healthier lifestyle to stay healthy. Now, he maintains that work and still stays empowered! Kudos to Jonah!!

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