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Amazing Results! Meet the World’s Youngest Hemp Oil Recipient

A 2-month old sufferer of a rare form of epilepsy has recently been treated successfully with the use of a particular type of hemp oil named Charlotte’s Webb. 

The New Mexico family brought their daughter to Colorado after numerous treatments using painkillers and other drugs failed to work. The family had heard about the amazing properties of the main ingredient in Charlotte’s Wweb hemp oil- CBD.

Hemp for victory

Although the Nunez family were prepared to go ahead with the use of CBD on their daughter, none of the states on New Mexico would allow the drug to be used under their care on 2-month old Amylea. The family were forced to look further afield to find doctors who were willing to use CBD to treat this rare condition. Charlotte’s Web is legally available to buy in all 50 states, but things get more complicated when the family looked into using it for treatment. 

They risked having their young daughter taken away from them by child protection services if they themselves or a doctor they had approached administered the CBD based treatment.

Thankfully the family were able to find doctors at the Children’s Hospital in Colorado who were willing to go ahead with the treatment.

If a family makes the tough decision to explore the use of medical marijuana Children’s Colorado will continue to provide care to these children.”—Children’s Colorado

Where did the seizures go?

The treatment went ahead with miraculous results. After just 2 weeks of using Charlotte’s Web, Amylea’s seizures have become much less severe and have disappeared almost entirely..

She is a lot more alert today, she is looking around today and following our faces when we talk to her,” Amylea’s mother said, “whereas before when we talked to her she did not react at all.

Thankfully for this lucky family they were able to realise the benefits of such treatments very early on in Amylea’s life, all to often families continue treatments using harmful pharmaceuticals and painkillers for many years on their children, not realising there is a much better alternative.

Amylea is continuing her treatment and it is helping her make excellent progress with her condition. Her case, although significant because she is the youngest child to receive such treatment, represents a new future in which alternative medicines are used much more readily than the old and often unsuccessful methods.

Although the Children’s Hospital are labeling Amylea’s treatment as ‘medical marijuana’  it is not, and such has been labelled incorrectly. The use of CBD through hemp oil is different from other actual forms of medical marijuana treatments.

Many people are missing out on the amazing health benefits of using such treatments because of the stigma that is attached to drugs such as marijuana but cases such as this should start to highlight the positives of using these natural remedies to great effect.

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